First of all, I believe that the world does not revolve with “fun” alone.

We cannot buy books that bring us “fun” without paying for them at bookstores.

We cannot listen to music that brings us “fun” without paying for it.

We cannot read comic books that bring us “fun” without paying for them on Amazon.

We cannot see movies that bring us “fun” without paying for them at the movie theater.

We cannot see idols that bring us “fun” without paying an admission fee to see them in concert.

We cannot see youtubers who bring us “fun” unless Google inserts ads into their videos, earns revenue from it, and uses that revenue to set up servers and systems.

All the people who create these “fun” things, and all the people who are involved in them, need to eat every day, at least, to survive. (And to all the farmers who produce such food, to all the people involved in making the cars that help us get around, to all the people involved in the construction and real estate industries who create places to live, to all the people who guarantee a certain level of order so that society does not become a mess on a daily basis, and to all the people who are involved in the construction industry and the real estate industry. We think that we have to thank all those people, including those we have not thought of here.)

To live, we eat food.

To do so, we need money.

Therefore, we do not believe that we can get “fun” just by seeking “fun,” nor do we believe that we can create “fun” in the world without any pretense.

We do not believe that “fun” can be obtained only by being beautiful.

For these reasons, we have established founding a company.

We pay the people we need, we pay salaries, we produce something, we obey the law, we make sales, we earn revenue, we sometimes go into debt (Oh man…not “sometimes”, sorry.sigh…) pay taxes, and on top of that, have “fun”.

We thought that founding a company would be the best way to achieve our philosophy.

But, we also have greed.

We cannot say that we do things 100% solely for “fun”. This is because, after all, we care about ourselves first, and our “fun” is our first priority.

However, as much as we can, we want people who don’t belong us to feel “fun” as well.

This is why we have founded a company.

And second, let me tell you why we are a “group”.

If you just want to have fun and create something (to some degree), you can do it alone.

Writing, music, cartoons, movies, videos, Youtube, photography, idols, celebrities, and most other things can be done alone if you want to do them.

But Everyone can’t say  I am good at everything.

We are not good at some things. Not all of us can handle everything with no problem. 

People who can write well but cannot calculate money.

Someone who speaks well and can build relationships with people (companies) but cannot draw.

A person who is always chasing after a girl’s butt, gets emotional easily, acts on his own initiative, has a tendency to have mood swings, is not good at talking to people, is good at making quibbles, is often unable to consider other people’s feelings, makes bad jokes easily, cannot read the atmosphere, is flippant but can get into trouble all the time and doesn’t do his job at all (I am not talking about me as I write this, by any means! Never!)

People who can shoot interesting videos but can’t edit them, or vice versa.

People who have beauty that makes people gasp, but have no way to bring it to the world (or could do more, but don’t have the means to).

We learned in elementary school that 1+1 is 2.

But we think that is wrong.

1+1 can be 100.

Just as one cannot clap with one’s right hand alone, just as one’s heart alone has no place to send blood, just as one’s brain alone cannot eat the food for which it works, we can live and go farther as a whole by being combined.

When we add 1 (you) and 1 (us), we sometimes get 100 instead of 2.

We only want to do this kind of addition.

And if the 100 is divided between the two of us, it becomes 50.

1 has increased to 50 just by adding.


We only want to do this kind of addition, We will leave it to others.

And let me say more. (Don’t think I’m being picky!)

What we are looking for, that is


That’s not what we are looking for.

We want



1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 (and so on indefinitely)

We are asking for

And the result of that sought-after addition is,

Not just 100,






And more, as much as we can,

I’m asking for more.

 So we are a group.

This is the answer to the second question!

In a world where we can eat, while pursuing “fun” and having “fun,” where we can have “fun” every day, where we can have more than just “fun,” where we can have more than we can eat, and where, hopefully, other people can feel “fun” as well, we believe that such a world, we believe that such a world is heaven. We think that’s what it is heaven.

That is why we need you.

You who create something with us.

You who support us in the back.

You who do business with us

You who support us

And you who receive the “fun” we create.

If not for you

Babe,I couldn’t find the gate

Couldn’t even see the heaven

I’d be sad and blue

If not for you

Heaven’s Gate Inc.


The rest of the description of our company on this page is in a very jokey tone.

But we are not kidding around.

No, we are joking, but we are “serious” about “fun” and about the money and way to have that “fun”.

Why do we joke around? Because we want you to be interested in. We think “fun” people like “fun” people, so we hope that “fun” you will be interested in us, who seem to be “fun.

We are not a big company. We are not pure  people. We have dark pasts, we have been sick, we have had night work experience (this is not a list of things that we take to mean that we have had night work experience in a negative way). There are those of us who have been depressed, lacked self-confidence, had a sense that we are odd, that we are rejected by the world, that we would be better off without. No, there are people who still have them.

However, we are confident that we are able to create “fun” even though we are such a person.

So, if you are looking at this and thinking “I know I can’t.” (Or those of us who still haven’t gotten over it.), We(used to think so) want you not to think so.

Please don’t die.

Well, if you decide to die, we cannot forbid you to do so.

But at least engage with us before you decide.

Would you join us and have “fun” with us.

In a way, we are making a long, long movie. And we are having fun with the movies we make while we are making them.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve seen a few of our films.

You have passed by a small movie theater, and you have watched a little bit of the movie being shown inside, even if only a little, through the window that you glanced sideways through as you passed by.

Do you finish a movie  you’ve seen once without seeing it through to the end?

Please watch it to the end.

And don’t just watch it; if you can, make the movie with us.

If you want to create “fun” with us,

If you want to work to support our “fun”,

If you do something “fun” with us,

If you want us to make you feel “fun”.

Whatever the reason. please contact us. 

I think everyone don’t contact people enough.

If you don’t ask for, you won’t get it in the first place.

Teacher Anzai (Characters from the manga Slam Dunk) also said, “Right, my right hand may have only been attached at the end, but the reason the shot from that attached right hand landed cleanly was because he had practiced over and over and over again. After 20,000 practice shots, there was that “right hand that just goes along with it.

There is no shame in missing out.

I cannot guarantee that I will be able to reply to all of them. But I will at least look.

Only I personally, as I write this, will see it. I will not make fun of it. I will not say, “What is this? I will not tell anyone about what you contacted me about without your permission. (I promise.)

I might want to work with you. I think I can grow more. I wonder if anyone can produce and grow me. it sounds interesting so I want to talk to you first. I’m going to throw away my life anyway, so let’s go here for the last time. Can I do something with them?

Please contact us at once.

contact us.

If you are the type of person who wants to work with us, please come here!